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Opening doorways to transformative experiences.

We partner to inform, inspire, and impact your audience by combining technology, content, and an unlimited passion for flawless execution. Heard can support your live, virtual & hybrid event top to bottom.


Our group of professionals will collaborate with your brand to provide you with support for world-class engagements.

Expanding our horizons, one client at a time.

Our client industry list is backed by a portfolio to prove it. No matter the industry, our approach remains the same.


We are here to produce exceptional event experiences for our clients, before, during and post event. Our goal is to become a trusted partner and extension of our clients. This helps us enhance the overall event production and planning experience, adding value at every stage of the process.


Due to the high profile nature of the companies we work with, we put great effort into the protection of their information. This is a top priority for us. Our equipment, computers and team members we work with on site are each held to a high security standard. An integral part of working with Heard is knowing we ensure the protection of our clients' information and data.


Heard is not just about getting the job done right, we're here to show how it's done better.

  • Financial

  • Automotive/Transportation

  • Technology

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

  • Retail

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Education

  • Non-Profit

  • Marketing, PR & Advertising Agencies

  • Multi-Level Marketing & Network Marketing

  • Sports & Entertainment

  • Venues

  • General Services Administration

  • Government

Heard Brand_Centered Combo Mark_Black_CM


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Heard Brand_Centered Combo Mark_Black_CM


Heard has heart.

We have over 25 years of experience in event production and management. Our engagements deliver premier results that our partners and customers have come to expect. We engage people, create moments and make connections. We are a diverse experience solutions company that cares.