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Key Benefits of Partnering with a Destination Management Company

A destination management company (DMC) acts as an extension of your company to facilitate strategic planning in event destinations.

Any companies interested in traveling for a conference, team-building experience, or incentive trip could benefit from partnering with a DMC. Your DMC partner also provides local destination expertise, can assist in coordinating all local logistical elements, and provides knowledgeable advice to support your next corporate trip.

Here are the three key benefits to partnering with a Destination Management Company.

1. Curate a custom destination experience

DMC services include elements that occur once a corporate group lands until they take off from their destination. This includes logistics such as:

  • Airport transfers & around-town transportation

  • Dine-Arounds

  • Activities, Adventures & Teambuilding

  • Tours & Excursions

  • Registration & Hospitality

A DMC specializes in arranging, managing, and producing the destination activities, including elements such as:

  • Sources appropriate off-site venues

  • Event Coordination

  • Audio & Visual Production

  • Décor & Themes

  • Entertainment & Speakers

  • Amenities, Awards & Gifting

  • Staffing

Planning an event from afar should be a stress-free and fulfilling experience. A DMC has the expertise and the local partnerships to bring your vision to life.

2. Obtain experts with local knowledge of engaging destinations

A resourceful DMC is an active member in the community, creating and fostering close and meaningful relationships within each destination.

As DMCs establish partnerships in the community, they often earn preferred pricing and pass those savings to their clients. The goal is to find the local gems at the best price.

At Heard Global, our Destination Management team focuses on immersing ourselves in the community and building local teams. We identify exciting opportunities for guests that only the right destination can offer and plan activities that create closer and more meaningful connections throughout your team.

Heard Global Destination Management specialist Kim Wysocki prioritizes engaging with Convention & Visitor Bureaus in different markets.

"We are members of the CVBs in all of our primary destinations and aim to team up with local hotels teams to provide them a go-to for all things beyond their scope of 'heads in beds'," Kim explains. "We believe in being a member of the community."

3. Receive Valuable advice for selecting the best destination at the right time of year

A DMC works to create unique experiences that accommodate a group's size, objectives, and culture.

As your DMC partner, Heard works to identify your specific group needs and goals, along with offering insight to what might be the perfect time of the year to experience the destination.

Whether your team is looking to celebrate a recent win, rally around a new initiative, or attend an out-of-town conference, a DMC will help you create an engaging experience.

Get ready to jet off

"An event's success can be measured in smiles," Kim expresses. "As long as the guests are happy, then our client is happy, and so are we."

A Destination Management Company's expertise is imperative to create a destination experience that leaves an impression on attendees, and fosters lasting relationships which strengthen your team's culture.

Get in touch to learn more about the benefits of working with Heard Global as your Destination Management partner.

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