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5 Standout Qualities in a Valuable Event Production Partner

When it comes to producing and executing your next corporate event or meeting, selecting the right production partner is crucial to your event’s success and ability to connect with your audience.

Whether you are looking to host an upcoming virtual event or board meeting, or even enhance your presentation with multimedia content or graphics, a valuable production partner will help inform and engage your audience.

We’ve identified the five standout qualities in a production partner that help create a seamless, stress-free event or experience end-to-end.

1. Full-Service Capabilities

A well-rounded production partner has a variety of expertise and service offerings, encompassing elements such as creative design, décor, production, and entertainment to enhance your next corporate event. Ideally, a valuable partner owns an expansive inventory of production equipment, décor pieces, and set designs.

Heard Global captivates and entertains audiences by executing fully immersive experiences with cutting edge technology on a grand scale. Our deep inventory of state of the art equipment allows us to provide comprehensive A/V and Lighting solutions complimented by event design and décor services.

Through the Heard Global team of experienced project management and skilled, dedicated technicians, we enhance efficiencies and exceed expectations for our clients at each event.

Activating unique on-site experiences creates more memorable moments from services such as:

  • Broadcast and Technical Production

  • Stage & Set Design

  • Speaker Presentation Support

  • Logistics & Amenities

  • Awards & Gifting

2. End-to-End Support

It is essential that a partner works closely with you to understand the purpose of your event in order to effectively coordinate and exceed your expectations. From event concept to completion, a reliable production partner provides consistency throughout the entire working relationship.

  • Identify all necessary components for the event - coordinate all program elements, determine venue space, design, décor, and layout.

  • Coordinate appropriate keynote speakers and/or entertainment

  • Anticipate any last minute changes and prepare alternate plans if required

  • Develop and closely manage itinerary on the day of the event

  • Gather feedback from all attendees

  • Discuss opportunities for developing future events

3. Ability to Build Personal Relationships

The right partner is truly invested in not only the success of your event, but your ability to create meaningful moments and connect your people to engaging experiences.

Heard Global’s Vice President of Production David Creswell emphasizes that providing exceptional customer service allows for meaningful relationships to last beyond the event itself.

“We treat a client with a 5-person executive board meeting in the same way as a client with a 10,000-person meeting,” says Creswell. “Each event is equally important to us.”

4. Flexibility

As event planning is underway, you and your team may decide original plans need to be altered or adjusted; a resourceful production partner will confidently be able to make the changes that you are envisioning for your event.

In the event industry, unforeseen changes are inevitable and an experienced partner will anticipate last minute changes and have the ability to solve problems before they occur.

Pro-tip: Flexibility can mean more than adapting to changes on the fly. For example, at Heard Global, we own our production equipment, and décor & stage sets, this allows for flexibility in pricing and eliminates the need to contract equipment or resources separately.

5. Attention to Detail and Creativity

A versatile production partner thinks outside the box while keeping your brand top of mind.

The benefit of partnering with Heard Global is our attention to detail coupled with the service we provide. We have a track record of bringing innovative and thoughtful engagements to our partners. Our team includes highly skilled producers and technicians who are eager to conceptualize your vision and the skills and equipment to make those visions reality.

Tying It All Together

“A successful event is measured through the clients’ eyes,” explains Creswell. “When they are truly happy, we have done our job.”

When you are dedicating time and resources toward event planning, look for a production partner who is equally invested in the success of your event and aligns with your business objectives.

Are you ready to activate your next corporate event or meeting? Connect with us to identify the right opportunities for your business.


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