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A Day in the Life of a Corporate Event Producer

Waking up before the sun rises may not actually be listed as part of your job description as a corporate event producer, but with no two days alike, getting a head start on the myriad of things to do is certainly what sets apart the more professional event producer.

And while there may not always be enough hours in the day to get tasks done, from coordinating with teams to managing set design to dealing with last-minute changes, there are few roles as rewarding as a corporate event producer when you see a monumental, multi-day event come together as a direct result of your oversight and direction.

As the lead event producer, your job is to turn an idea into an experience.

Balancing known with unknown, digital with analog, time with money, the role is for the very best at balancing chaos with creativity and avoiding crisis to produce excellence.

So, if you're wondering what it’s like to be an event producer, let’s look at a typical day’s involvement - but to do so, we must first address what event producing is not.

The Difference Between Event Planning and Event Producing

The event planner is typically handled by the client or an event logistics provider who tackles the tip of the event iceberg to ensure the date, guest list, venue and budget is managed. The event producer, on the other hand, ensures the corporate event is on theme, engaging, relevant, within budget and, of course, unforgettable. After brainstorming goals, themes and entertainment together, both sides have a unique set of responsibilities to ensure the organizers, attendees and budget are always top of mind.

Aligning the event planners with the event producers is a crucial part of a successful corporate event because, when done right, you can save time and money by getting the key stakeholders involved early to ensure your event runs smoothly.

The more the entire team collaborates, the easier it is to avoid last-minute stress and ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Design and Production Considerations on the Day of the Event

It can take months to produce the perfect event. That’s why, when the big day arrives, it's all hands on deck. As the event production partner, you'll be responsible for showflow and making sure everything runs smoothly - from agenda to audience to audio-visual to awe-inspiring take-aways. To do this, you must stay on top of all the details and troubleshoot any problems as they arise (or before they do!).

Here are just a handful of the critical areas of corporate events that a producer manages:

  • The Theme: Creative is everything, so this event needs to stand alone as its own brand within the brand.

  • Scenic Design: From IMAG to giant LED screens to every A/V consideration, the look matters.

  • General Session: How can we make the keynote stand out and wow attendees out of the gate?

  • Breakouts: How can we transform the look and feel in smaller sessions to provoke learning and participation?

  • Lights and sound: Keep audience engagement up with a variety of lighting and sound tactics.

  • Backdrops and Graphics: Stay creative with a consistent approach to tie the branding together.

Post-show evaluation by corporate event producers

This is an integral part of the job, as it gives you the chance to measure what worked well, review any missed opportunities and even ideate on what can be improved for future events. It's also a chance to reflect on the event and take pride in a job well-done.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when debriefing with your client:

  • Get feedback on the overall event

  • Review effect it had on audience via in-person and social communication

  • Ask about what went well and what could be improved

  • Align impact with goals and overall ROI if possible

  • List out missed opportunities to add to next event’s roadmap

  • Get ideas to elevate future events

By debriefing with your client, you can ensure future events are even more successful! And that's what it's all about.

Take your next event to the next level!

If you're searching for a seasoned and professional event production partner, look no further than Heard Global. We offer event production services for various events and experiences, including corporate events, galas, meetings, private parties and more.

Start a conversation today to get the process started.


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