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Make Your Next Corporate Event in Santa Barbara Unforgettable

Add a touch of glamor and adventure to your next corporate event by hosting it in Santa Barbara. Transform the monotony of corporate life into an unforgettable, inspirational experience that delivers a fresh perspective for your team.

In Santa Barbara, you can get away from it all and still get work done!

Santa Barbara: An unforgettable corporate event destination

From the beachfront event venues alongside vibrant shopping areas to majestic mountains overlooking vineyards, Santa Barbara has its own vibe. With glorious sunshine to greet you in the day and pulsing nightlife to host you at night, the town has become a popular destination for corporate events.

That's why Heard Global recommends it as a destination of choice for a range of corporate events—stakeholder meetings, industry conferences, team-building sessions, sales incentive trips and more.

As Kim Wysocki, our Destination Services Specialist at Heard Global explains: "Santa Barbara and the Central Coast are known as the American Riviera. Beautiful weather with an abundance of food, wine and arts, along with a wide variety of activities for all."

Create an engaging attendee experience with Heard Global

If you're planning a corporate event, let Heard Global’s Destination Management services team create a memorable experience for your attendees while in Santa Barbara.

Planning an event is an immersive, creative process that seeks one goal - connecting your audience to a message. To battle attention spans and the influx of distractions that beset any attendee, this must be done through a series of engaging parts and places.

At Heard Global, we know that the destination is half the battle. Stirring up attendee engagement from there takes first-hand knowledge of the destination, meticulous planning, an in-depth understanding of what your audience is likely to appreciate, and having the expertise and experience of corporate event producers on-site to see it through flawlessly.

Among the many benefits of partnering with a destination enhancement team, we handle:

  • Ground Transportation & logistics

  • Tours & excursions

  • Activities & adventures

  • Decor & entertainment

  • Awards & gifting

  • Venue Event staff & hospitality

Wysocki offers this sneak peek into some of the can’t-miss experiences that can spur networking and adventure within attendees at a Santa Barbara event: "Santa Barbara offers wine tasting and pairings, beach cruising, sailing and kayaking, surf lessons, off road jeep tours, hiking, cooking classes, and art experiences. There’s something for everyone here."

Do your events spark a movement among attendees and create sustainable change in your culture? Engage us to learn how an event can be the much-needed tipping point.

5 Ways to Engage Attendees at Your Santa Barbara Corporate Event:

Anticipation is always sweet!

Create a buzz among your attendees with some pre-event buildup. Send an email, create a poster or use social messaging. We can help design a teaser or contests to build excitement about your event trip, Santa Barabara as a venue, its attractions, and what activities attendees can expect during their stay. Give them countless reasons to look forward to the event.

Making arrivals in Santa Barbara awesome

First impressions count! Our destination enhancement team works hard to plan the ideal meet-and-greet for your attendees when they arrive in Santa Barbara. Whether it's a friendly registration desk or welcome drink, unexpected gifts, a company-branded agenda or a personalized snack box in their hotel room, we're never short on ideas to make arrivals awesome!

Designing an engaging program of activities

It's not just about the destination. A successful event is one in which your attendees enthusiastically engage with the activities. (Which means they're not tempted to skip post-lunch networking events or play mobile games during the conference presentations!) Our creative event planners thoughtfully design a program of experiences and speaking formats that best suit your attendee profile so they always have something to look forward to, keeping boredom and work fatigue at bay.

Sending guests off in style

Sweet endings are what attendees tend to remember most about a corporate event. Our destination planners work on bringing the best aspects of the destination to your advantage. And once we're through, you can be sure we've hit an emotional chord with the attendees. We create moments - and memories - that become movements. And we find a way to capture them at the end of the show. It may be a professionally-edited video of the event's key moments, a special guest appearance or a unique souvenir for the event; we've got a finger on the pulse of corporate event attendees!

Making it memorable

The personal touch we add to every tiny detail of the event program makes our destination events memorable. Our teams look keenly for opportunities to incite delight and drive engagement with attendees, promote your brand, customize a service or activity—and add a bit of magic to the attendee experience. These small touches make attendees feel valued and validated, and they'll remember the experience for a long time to come!

Heard Global: Your Destination Enhancement Team for Santa Barbara Events

The key to creating a memorable destination experience for your corporate event lies in working with an experienced, passionate, and committed Destination Enhancement Team.

Wysocki says, “A Destination Enhancement Team can be a great partner in destination and provide ideas and coordination of destination experiences beyond the hotel walls, along with enhancements on property.”

Heard Global has the destination knowledge and the right local partnerships to provide an unforgettable experience and efficiently coordinate logistical arrangements so you don’t have to. Our Destination Services team is well-equipped to offer knowledgeable advice and on-site support throughout the event, and we strive to deliver a stress-free experience that leaves you free to enjoy the event without having to worry about every nitty-gritty detail.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our Destination Services and experience the magic of Santa Barbara during your next corporate event or incentive trip!

Follow us on Instagram at @heardglobal to see exclusive takeovers from Kim Wysocki and other destination experts.


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