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Innovative Event Production in Charlotte, St. Louis and Beyond

An exciting new website and brand identity heralds innovative times ahead—and represents the culmination of months of fresh thinking, cutting-edge services and expanded horizons for our clients. It’s taking us from event production in Charlotte and St. Louis to the world stage!

We've hit REFRESH! We are Heard Global

Our 25 years of diverse experience as a national event production company hosting thousands of events across North America has helped us master every aspect of managing brand experiences and event venues. We crafted memorable corporate meetings and transformed run-of-the-mill annual events into can’t-miss experiences.

Our continued success in key areas such as brand activations, high-end event production and experiential event planning has primed us to become a full-service events management company, including destination management services and sports and entertainment partnerships. Now, we serve every client experience from end-to-end by blending event technology and high-quality content with an unparalleled passion for flawless execution.

Today, Heard Global can support your live, virtual and hybrid events top to bottom.

True to our roots: Charlotte, NC & St. Louis, MO

Charlotteans associate us with some of the city's most unforgettable events, unique event décor concepts, and high profile, large-scale event productions in Charlotte.

Charlotte, North Carolina, our main HQ, is home to many festivals, sporting events and special experiences. With so many major corporations and businesses calling it home, from fortune 500 companies to local food companies, banking majors and technology startups—it's little wonder that we host and manage corporate events in Charlotte all year round.

Contact Heard Global for event production in Charlotte.

Our midwest HQ presence in event production in St. Louis speaks for itself: the energy and hospitality here are legendary—and with fantastic venues such as the iconic Gateway Arch, the Busch Stadium, expansive convention centers and executive hotels, it's a veritable paradise for an event production house like ours. It's no wonder why event management is in our DNA!

Contact Heard Global for event management in St. Louis.

A growing footprint across the US

Our footprint has extended all the way to the West Coast. We've made SoCal our home, and we love it! Whether for media companies, record labels or tech giants in LA, we produce world-class events for awesome companies.

Across surf and sand in San Diego, vibrant dining and shopping scenes in Orange County and dramatic waterfronts in Santa Barbara, we have localized access to some of the best event destinations in the world. Are you thinking of making the Californian coast your next conference venue? Get in touch with our destination management team now.

The world is our stage: Heard's global expansion

With offices across the US in Boston, NY, Atlanta, Austin and Denver, we're now well on our way to expanding globally. We will soon launch offices in global destinations including London, Dubai, and Latin America over the next year. Watch this space for more exciting announcements.

Expanding horizons with innovative partnerships

Heard Sports & Entertainment is powering a new era of live non-game events in sports & entertainment arenas. We partner with key sporting venues and rights holders to service, execute, and grow venue events and activations.

Our partnership with Austin FC and their home venue, Q2 Stadium, is a first of its kind collaboration, with a mutual commitment to promote non-traditional utilization of the stadium for corporate events and other attractions. As a sponsor of the Austin FC team, Heard will focus on driving new audiences to Q2 Stadium and working with the club to advance new community activations throughout Austin. With this vision, we hope to make Austin a growing destination for corporate events.

In Atlanta, we've partnered with the Atlanta Braves and joined forces with their home venue, Truist Park. As their in-house event technology and solutions provider, we’re focused on expanding capabilities to bring new corporate events and attractions to this classic ballpark venue. We will work with the Atlanta Braves club to advance corporate activations both inside the venue and across the diverse communities of Atlanta.

Want to learn more about how you can leverage our partnerships with elite sports and entertainment venues to amplify non-game event productions for your company or clients? Get in touch with a Heard Sports & Entertainment rep.

Your Brand Experience

Heard Global is proudly expanding from traditional event production into a wide gamut of innovative capabilities. Are you looking for an event destination for your team or department to travel for a conference, team-building experience or incentive trip?

Heard Global has localized destination expertise for strategic planning in event destinations. Our teams customize unique experiences that accommodate your group's size, objectives and culture. Plus, our strategic local partnerships unlock the best food, activities, and entertainment options to ensure your event is unforgettable!

Team Up with Heard Global

Heard Global has a talented team of the best and brightest event producers from across the industry. We’re primed to become a visible force in the live, virtual and hybrid events spaces with experienced event managers, designers, artists, audiovisual specialists, technical resources, destination advisors, and localized logistical teams.

Each member of our team is focused on listening to and anticipating our clients' needs, so we can grow and develop innovative solutions to engage audiences with an immersive, fully planned, branded experience.

We’ve expanded our service offerings to virtual events and global destinations to help clients adapt to the changing climate in experiential marketing and events. Our new website and brand,, highlights our unique market position to satisfy diverse organizations' live, virtual, and hybrid event needs.

Transformative Experiences Start with Heard Global

Brands that engage with us benefit from a high degree of personalization. Both in virtual and live events, we focus on catering to each of your unique needs and crafting a customized plan, combining event technology, meticulous planning, and dedicated execution down to the minutest details.

Since crafting elevated experiences is our expertise, customer experience is our main priority. To that end, we work tirelessly to wow your attendees and create audience engagement like nothing they’ve ever seen before. What's more, we forge close, meaningful relationships with your event marketing teams so they can achieve their goals while enjoying a stress-free, fulfilling event experience (minus the event management headaches!). That employee experience is yet another positive impact we deliver with every service.

Engage the Heard team today to learn more about the benefits of working with Heard Global as your Corporate Events & Destination Management partner.


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